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Hitch on Twitch

Hitch has been gaming since 1968 and currently streams real hardware C64C games, demos and more with a Pi1541 and Quickshot Maverick Joystick. When not streaming awesome 8-bit Commodore he can be found playing in DOS, on his ZX Spectrums or all the consoles! He also has his awesome Talk Show, The Hitching Post.

So come along, request a game, chat and enjoy or just sit back and relax whilst Hitch entertains you in a full on politics and BS free gaming zone.

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Amiga streamer from Stockholm, Sweden. Grew up with the C64 and Amiga 500 which got me into programming that turned out to be a career later on, even though on other platforms. I do play modern games as well, but most of the time I´m on my Amiga 1200.

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Are you keeping up with the Commodore? Because the Commodore is keeping up with you!


I am Amiga Bill. I stream Commodore Amiga games and applications using real Amiga computers. I also interview many people in the Amiga community who are doing cool projects and play the latest games.

I started the Westchester Amiga User Group in 1989 and still run the club to this day. We meet on the first Thursday of every month in White Plains, NY.

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Hello! The name is Mr_Kola and I'm a retro computer and videogame enthusiast. Growing up with a DOS PC, the world of Commodore is almost completely new to me. Come join my stream where I explore titles new and old on both the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500!

When I'm not streaming Commodore, you'll likely see my weekly stream "Low Tier Kings" where my co-host Daggerss and I play fighting games new and old! You might also see an occasional stream where I play games on other old consoles.

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It's not how much you pay, It's how much you get!


Playaveli is the name, SWOS is the game, my streams are of little fame... but anyways, lots of AMIGA titles do amaze, so you're ready for a Lotus race? Well, in case... then tune in, get ready, 'cause Retro games just rock steady!

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A troubadour who loves Commodore! 13 systems. Light guns. Dumb Songs. Weird guests dragged in off the streets of Hollywood. And my childhood Amiga 500!

Watch as my friends and I shoot toy guns at ancient TVs, discover software we missed out on, and revisit beloved classics! Games on real floppies! Shake it to that Df0: beat!

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The new Amiga 500. Now other Home Computers are just toys!


I am Mr G, gamer since the Commodore 64 era and now part-time streamer. Every Wednesday I play with my C64 (yes, the one I used when I was a kid!). So, if you’re looking for a blast from the past and a gameplay that ranges from awful to awesome (and all during the same gameplay…) come and join me.

Any other day I also play/stream on my PC: RPGs, adventures (old school point & click and new ones), strategy/managerial games and some action games too.

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Hello! My name is PixelMaker04 and I stream my breadbin C64 with coding and games/demos with my SD2IEC or 1541 drives and a SlikStik. If I'm not on my commodore then you'll find me on my TI99/4A. I may not have been born in this era, but it's fun learning to code in BASIC on them.

If I'm not doing that then I'll most likely be playing games or on other consoles or making pixelart.

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Why buy just a Video Game? Buy a Commodore!


Whether you grew up with the system and enjoy the Commodore nostalgia, or you just want to learn more about the biggest selling system in computer history, come and hang out... But don't just listen to me...

Antonio Savona: "Your stream is like a celebrity pub where rock stars hang out!"

GildanJondal: "Hayes is worth a lurk while I'm playing WoW!"

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kalastelija1 aka "Kala"

I grew up playing amiga 500 and C64. I felt like new games didn´t give me enough. So i started this amiga project. I Tested 3000 amiga games and made a list of the best ones, Rated them from 0-5, games that got 3 points or more gets playthrough.

Nearly 200 games waiting to be played. 25 years pause on amiga gaming, i finally feel that i found what i was missing. I stream almoust daily. Sometimes start with guitar playing and singing but mostly amiga in here.

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Free Your Children With a C64


Hey :) I am Retrogade77, Raised on Commodore computers (VIC20 then the C64) host of the Podcast Immortal C64 and SID streamer on twitch.

Fancy some SID tunes from real hardware? jump on in.

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C64 Television

Gaming since the 70s but still living in the 80s, this is C64 Television!

I have been in love with the Commodore since my first VIC-20 and I haven't looked back. If you have that 80s nostalgia itch then stop by my stream where you can watch me play C64 games, chat with viewers and relive the glory days of the Commodore 64.

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Thanks for the Memory!


Hi, my name is Betajaen (or Robin if you prefer). My Commodore Amiga 1200 was my computer between 1989 to 2003. I was (and still am) a true die-hard Amiga fan, who hates PCs, and read Amiga Format cover to cover.

I’m revisiting my childhood by playing old games and discovering new ones, especially adventure games which I will badly act out the voices!

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Jan Beta

Hi, I'm Jan. I usually repair ancient electronics over on my YouTube channel. I use Twitch as an excuse to occasionally play some games on the vintage computers I did repairs and restorations on.

Not restricted to Commodore machines, but they are my favorite by far.

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Are you keeping up with the Commodore? Because the Commodore is keeping up with you!


Ravi Abbott mixes live with his Commdore Amigas, No expansions and just .mod format. Covering a different genre each show for variety!

Also he will be adding other retro consoles into the mix in the future. If you fancy a Saturday Night Mod Music party this steam is for you!

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I'm Jeremie, I'm a french guy living in Canada. My streams are bilingual, French and English! Even though I had an Amstrad CPC as a kid, I'm a big fan of Commodore.

I stream C64/Amiga games mostly but also DOS, Amstrad, Atari computer games and sometimes console games. Come say hi!

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Putting colour to work in Computers


Old dude plays old games badly, because old. C64 was my first love, a lasting one! I mess around with all sorts of old tech and software! I'm happy with my dayjob and like to stream some times because it's fun

Sometimes there's programming, building electronics or even setting up old systems. I like to geek out and get real technical sometimes.

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The Highlander

My name is The Highlander and my YouTube channel concentrates mainly about the Commodore 64. My game development series of videos is a long term project that I've been working on for a long time.

With the Ultimate 64's streaming capabilities, my Twitch channel is the way to stream gameplay from my favourite 8-bit platform.

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Commodore 64. The Worlds biggest selling home computer.


I started gaming in the early 80s and I never stopped. Modern games are fun but retro games and especially Commodore stuff have a bigger place i my heart.

I have a weekly retro game stream were I play my favorite games from back in the days. I also sometimes stream other days as well. Join in and either remember the good old days or discover an awesome game that you might have missed.

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I'm a game collector from Sweden, but now resides in Norway. Join me in my quest to play and explore the games in my collection. Some I play to beat some I just want to try out. Most of the games I play, I play for the first time.

I play on many different platforms and only on original hardware, and only games that I own, among them are Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 wich is the two platforms I love the most. Viewers are allowed to help out and also can request games from my game lists.

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Twitch, The ONLY place for quality Commodore Streams!


Hello, i'm this crazy dude from Kotka Finland. I stream everything from C64 basic to m68k asm, and then some skateboarding.

"Amiga Missionaries from Finland" is my regular Commodore stream with my good old friend AkmaFIN. When i'm not streaming commodore stuff, it is mostly Fortnite, sorry!

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