Commodore Streamers

Keeping it Real

Firstly, welcome to the C=Streamer website!

The aim of this site is to help promote streamers who use REAL hardware Commodore Computers but of course many here also stream other Computers and Consoles on occasion too and the hope is that you enjoy them for what they are, dedicated lovers of REAL hardware whatever the system. That being said, the focus here is Commodore, be it the C64, the Amiga range or even the C64GS!

Do we emulate? Sometimes! Be it AmigaLive to promote Multi-Player gaming amongst EVERYONE or maybe some of us only have an A500 and wish to play an AGA game on an A1200. Once again though the focus is on streamers who play REAL hardware over emulation. If you just emulate you do not get on the website. We are not being elitist but we are dedicated to those who strive harder, pay more, struggle to maintain and play using real media on real tapes or disks on real computers. Call it a tribute for those who refuse to let the old system die!

If you want to know more then please click the streamers, watch and enjoy and ask them questions. We are ALL here to enjoy and educate or learn. Happy viewing!

Are you keeping up with the Commodore? Because the Commodore is keeping up with you!