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Immortal Joysticks

Win every race.
Score every goal.
Beat every opponent.

The highest quality customised joystick for the ultimate retro gaming experience.

We offer the best quality products so that retro enthusiasts (like myself) can enjoy their favourite games and systems with authentic feeling joysticks that are fully customisable and built to last.

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Doublesided Games

Double Sided Games is a new homebrew video game publisher that will bring you new games for you old systems. We will focus on retro computers but we might support less common consoles such as the Amiga CD32 or the Amstrad GX4000 in the future.

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Protovision was founded by Malte Mundt and Stefan Gutsch in late 1996. Over the years, more and more artists joined us from all over the world. Today, we not only sell our own homebrew games, but also help other talented developers by offering a distribution channel for their games. Furthermore we offer the latest hardware devices, cables, and other accessories for the breadbox and its fans.

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Since 2012, RGCD has been acting as a proper retro game publishing business instead of merely a small hobby label. That's not to say that we're raking in huge profits, but rather that like our good friends over at Psytronik we now have a solid business model and provide our clients with sales information and royalty payments via a simple invoicing system.

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Official Commodore64 Discord

The Official C64 Discord ran by a bunch of fans, experts and all-round good guys and gals. Jump on for help, information or just a good chat about the incredible Commodore 64

News, Reviews, Opinions. Its the C64, say no more!

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AmigaLive is a front-end application which utilizes the FS-UAE emulator netplay capabilities. This offers the ability for gamers to play Amiga games with other players from around the world, as if using the same Amiga computer.

FS-UAE is the friendliest Amiga emulator which integrates Amiga emulation code from WinUAE and is available for all major platforms (Windows, Mac OS-X and Linux).

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Amiga For Mortals

I started Amiga for Mortals as I found that many Amiga blogs and information available online seemed to assume a level of background knowledge that I personally didn't have and so I wanted to share my own learnings and knowledge in a way that was accessible to a wider group of people.

The website contains blogs that document my journey back into Amiga ownership, but also includes an online store and link to my Instagram page where I share Amiga photos most days.

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